Under the management of Quba Islamic Center, Orphanage is being run which caters the lodging, education and grooming for 30 students initially.  There is a proper setup for education of the students which has been running successfully since July,2020. It comprises of dedicated and hardworking teachers, pleasant residential area, modern education syllabus. Indeed, it’s a blessing of Allah for those who are devoid from parental care.

Islamic education

The success in this world and hereafter is by having a complete knowledge of Islam and practicing it in daily lives. Our utmost priority is to make these children good Muslims.


Besides imparting formal education, good manners and good etiquettes are equally important in raising oneself from the abyss of society. Quba Islamic Center (Orphanage) pays special attention to the Tarbiyah of its students.

Modern contemporary education

Quba offers, one of the best programs, comprising of modern contemporary education to prepare men of character who shall play a vital role in all practical fields.

Martial Arts Classes

Quba Islamic Center conducts regular marital arts class under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Our students are fully determined to participate in national level competitions.